Instant Wash with Wholesale Car Washer Supplier  

Save time and money by washing the car at home. Ningbo Autool Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Auto Bravos). Has portable car washers with super performance. People can wash their vehicles quickly and with less water than the traditional way. Drivers can carry this machine easily because of its lightweight. What makes it a user-friendly device is its simple control system and operability. No need for a bucket and pipe when a high-water pressure machine is available. Easy to maintain and carry makes it suitable for every car owner. Its high-pressure water removes every hard stain from the surface of a car easily. With our portable car washer, you can achieve a professional-grade car wash in your home. Say goodbye to expensive services and solutions and hello to a cost-effective car washer that delivers excellent results every time.

Less Time, High Power, and Complete Cleansing

This car washing machine’s high-speed motor controls the water supply efficiently. It reduces the amount of time it takes to wash a car. Within a short time, anyone can wash a car. Ningbo Autool Import and Export is a wholesale car washer supplier with a car washing solution. Our machine can support a standard voltage system. Also, it has a long cord to connect with distant switchboards. We installed a durable pipe with a powerful hose for high pressure and control of water. People can clean their cars and even bikes with this machine.

Wholesale Supply of Car Washer at Discounted Price

We supply car washing machines at reasonable rates to retailers and bulk buyers. Our production is of large scale, where we sell car washers at a discounted price. Any buyer can contact us if they want to purchase in bulk. From any country or region, you can reach us for purchase at wholesale rate. Ningbo Autool Import and Export is a wholesaler of car washers that can supply them to local and international buyers. Both low and high-MOQ buyers can purchase these car washing machines from us. Our prices are low because we are a bulk supplier who maintains the purchasing capacity of its clients.

Why Do Car Lovers Need Ningbo Autool Import and Export?


Ningbo Autool Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Auto Bravos) is a well-organized business in the auto accessories industry. We supply car washing machines and other auto accessories worldwide. It has been over 18 years since we entered this line of business. Our employees contribute to our successful journey with a high level of training and practice. In this production, we use A1-quality materials for the high satisfaction of customers. It also includes our quality control department, which approves the finest show. We also offer after-sales services and technical support for all our car washers. Our expert team is available to guide machine maintenance and repair.